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Mental health
& Wellbeing

Creating supportive mental health and wellness initiatives across retail

Our Goal

Across retail it’s clear that employees' mental wellbeing is becoming priority- directly impacting engagement and overall performance. With a growing emphasis on creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, fostering open communication and offering resources to address stress, burnout and work-life balance, the ICN’s goal is to connect leaders developing cut through mental health strategies to elevate wellbeing across the sector.

We encourage those leading the charge in health and wellbeing to contribute to the ICN's mental health events and TV. As a community of leaders we can acknowledge the blind spots and shed light on impactful ways to tackle and support wellness across the sector.

Not just a group of people

Meet the steering group

Prudence Maynard

Prudence Maynard

Head of People and Culture, Aje Collective
Nathan Wooding

Nathan Wooding

National Care and Wellbeing Manager, Endeavour Drinks Group
Emma Sansom

Emma Sansom

Head of People and Cultire, CUE
Ben Sheidow

Ben Sheidow

GM Safety, Health and Wellbeing, Woolworths
Events & Education

Upcoming inclusive culture events

Open Digital Roundtable with steering group

13th March 2024 - Sydney
Gathering Australia’s retail culture leaders to explore the next phase of deep inclusivity across the industry

Industry Roundtable at Doltone House

4th April 2024 - Sydney
An in person industry Roundtable addressing the challenges and next gen people strategies driving cultural change within retail

ICN Summit at 'The Grounds' of Alexandria

8th May 2024 - Sydney
Through the summit, we seek to drive positive change by providing a platform for open dialogue, sharing best practices, and offering resources to help retailers cultivate inclusive cultures within their organisations.


Launching ICN TV - connecting the ICN community through knowledge sharing and new initiatives

25 JAN

People and Culture 2024: The next phase of retail inclusivity

08 FEB

Embracing indigenous identity within retail

22 FEB

Disability and the changing dynamics of retail recruitment

07 MAR

A new lens on supporting LGBTQIA+ at work and beyond

21 MAR

Pursuing a new paradigm of mental health support across retail


The latest inclusivity and culture insights
from the world of retail.

Ready to get involved?

If you'd like to discuss Retail's ICN partnership opportunites please connect with a team member here.

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